Backpacker Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Budget Backpacker

Backpacker Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Budget Backpacker


Do you know a traveler who pinches every penny? Does your friend stay in the cheapest hostels and comes home covered in bedbug bites? Is your son or daughter on a gap year on your dime? Then you have a budget backpacker in your life.

What are the the perfect gifts for the budget backpacker? Read on for some of my suggestions in this holiday gift guide: budget backpacker edition.


Christmas Gifts for the Budget Backpacker


Start with a Bag.

Sport Outdoor Military Rucksack
Always in competition to see who can pack the least, budget backpackers like to pack small. One military-style rucksack ought to do it. He can fit everything he needs in here: swim trunks, flip flops…probably no much more.


What’s in that bag?

Deodorant. For the love of god buy him some deodorant. Please?


Something to wear.

Underwear. He needs underwear. His are either a) full of holes. b) unwashed in months. or c) non-existent.


Something to read.

Lonely Planet The World: A Traveller’s Guide to the Planet
The only reason your budget backpacker is on such a budget is because he wants to see it all. So get him Lonely Planet The World: a guidebook to everywhere. He can lust over his next ’round the world trip as he’s taking this one.


Splurge a little.

Don’t even bother splurging on the budget backpacker. He’ll just sell whatever you give him for more travel funds.


How about a trip?

Show that budget backpacker what it’s actually like to see the world while he’s out there seeing the world. Send him on a group tour with G Adventures! That way you can at least guarantee he’ll sleep somewhere decent for once and maybe actually see a tourist attraction or two.


Something Fun!

Durex Pleasure Pack Natural Rubber Premium Latex Condoms
There’s only one thing a budget backpacker really wants to experience when traveling the world: sex. Lots of sex. With anyone he can get. Counting flags is just as important to him as counting countries. So at least keep him safe out there with a box of condoms. It’s the only thing he’ll need to pack.



Backpacker Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Budget Backpacker

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