Backpacker Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Expat Traveler

Backpacker Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Expat Traveler


Do you know someone who is living abroad? Someone who left their comfortable life back home to live somewhere where he or she can’t speak the language and has to pay $10 for a jar of peanut butter? Someone who is over both being back in their home country and back on the road? Then you have an expat traveler in your life.

What are the perfect gifts for the expat traveler? Read on for some of my suggestions in this holiday gift guide: expat traveler edition.


Christmas Gifts for the Expat Traveler:


Start with a Bag.

Reusable Grocery Bags
Let’s face it, that expat in your life probably only stopped traveling because he or she was broke So he settled somewhere cheap to be a “digital nomad,” whatever that is, or teach English to kids he has no business teaching anything to. He probably isn’t going anywhere too soon. So don’t waste your money on a backpack or suitcase. Grocery bags are the way to go. Once an expat he will stop eating out, so grocery bags come in handy for those runs to the local market.


What’s in that bag?

Peanut Butter (Or Marmite or Vegemite)
That expat has probably been away from home for a very long time. So what does he want most? Something that reminds him of home. Food is usually the best way to do that. Who doesn’t crave peanut butter (or marmite or vegemite depending on the country) when it’s not easily available?


Something to wear.

A bathrobe is the perfect gift for the expat traveler. They have no money and work a lot. After teaching English all day, that expat just wants to come home and crash. And that digital nomad rarely leaves bed. A bathrobe keeps them comfortable all day and night.


Something to read.

My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories
Gift that expat some travel inspiration and new recipe ideas wrapped into one. An expat himself, David Lebovitz shares tales of Paris life and re-worked recipes in My Paris Kitchen.


Splurge a little.

If that expat isn’t going anywhere for a while, get him a television. He’ll appreciate having something to come home to at the end of the night. After all, once an expat there is no use to actually pretend you care about getting out and immersing yourself in culture.


How about a trip?

That expat likes to pretend he’s still a traveler, even if he hasn’t left him South Korean flat in six months. So send him on a group tour with G Adventures! He’ll appreciate the getaway next time his school has a holiday.


Something Fun!

Luckies of London Scratch Globe
Your expat probably loves to travel, let him reminisce of all the places he went before he ran out of money and had to settle down with a scratch globe. It will give him a fun project and add some much-needed decoration to that tired studio he’s renting.



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Backpacker Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Expat Traveler

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