Backpacker Hostel Pranks to Pull in a Hostel

Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel


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It’s almost April Fools Day — one of our favorite holidays here at The Backslackers. No matter where you’re traveling this year, you can celebrate April Fools by pulling epic hostel pranks on your hostelmates, fellow travelers, or even your friends and family back home. Stumped for ideas? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to some of the best pranks you can pull in a hostel, dorm prank ideas that will have you laughing all the way to your bunk bed.


Backpacker Hostel Pranks to Pull in a Hostel:


Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel - Pretend to Pee Over the Bed


Pretend to Pee the Hostel Bed

This is a classic prank to pull in a hostel. For this prank all you need is a spot on the top bunk and full bottle of water. Crawl up top, tuck yourself in, and wait until the guy below you does the same. Once he’s comfy in bed and his eyes are closed, reach around and start drizzling a bit of water on his face. Just a touch at first so he barely realizes what’s going on. Then move on to a full on spray. He’ll freak out thinking he’s getting a golden shower, but eventually figure it out. After you’ve gotten the last laugh. (Or you can go the extra mile and really piss on him from above!)


Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel - Put Dye in the Bathroom Toiletries


Put Dye in the Bathroom Toiletries

Backpackers are always leaving toiletries in the shared bathrooms. And it can be annoying (unless you’re out of shampoo and need to borrow.) Get them back by spiking their toiletries with some colored dye. Some green in their shampoo to leave their hair a shade of chartreuse. Some crimson in their face wash to leave them red faced. Some black in their toothpaste to give them devilish grin. Don’t worry, it will wash out. Eventually. It’s one of the best dorm pranks you can pull!


Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel - Hide Everything in Your Dorm Room


Hide Everything in Your Dorm Room

Steal a few garbage bags from reception and go to town on your dorm room. Grab anything and everything you see — laundry, backpacks, laptops, sheets — and stuff them into the plastic bags. Then hide those bags in the luggage room. When your hostelmates get back from touring the museums or a night out drinking they’ll find the room, and all their precious belongings, wiped clean. Let them freak out for a bit before revealing their whereabouts.


Pretend to be from a Different Country


Pretend to be from a Different Country

Chances are you probably are lying about yourself all the time when backpacking. So why not invent a whole new you for April Fools Day? Put on a fake accent and convince everyone you’re from Germany, Iceland, or Uzbekistan. Take it to another level by choosing a rarely-seen country that a chick might want to grab the flag for. Wait until after the deed is done to tell her you’re just a fellow American.


Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel - Take Over the Front Desk


Take Over the Front Desk

Lock the real receptionist in the luggage room and take over her duties for the afternoon. Give backpackers wrong directions to the Cathedral in town, put guys in the girls dorm, and tell everyone they’re late for checkout and demand extra cash. And then pocket it, obviously.


Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel - Switch Everyone's Rooms


Switch Everyone’s Rooms

Wait until everyone is out of their rooms at the bars and then get to work. Move all the backpacks and belongings from one room to another and vice versa. When everyone gets back they’ll freak thinking they’ve entered the wrong room and then have no idea what’s going on.


Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel - Fake Your Vacation


Fake Your Vacation

This prank is to fool your friends back home: take a facation. Tell them you’re on some exotic vacation when you’re really just home in your underwear playing video games. Steal some photos off the internet of far off beaches and photoshop yourself in. Order some Thai delivery and pass it off as authentic. Post everything to Facebook and wait for the likes to roll in. It worked for this chick. And this one. Hell, you can even create a fake travel blog and no one would be the wiser.


Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel - Call Your Parents and Pretend You're in Danger


Call Your Parents and Pretend You’re in Danger

This is a good one. Dial your parents and frantically start yelling into the phone. Tell them you’ve been kidnapped. Tell them you don’t know where you are. Tell them you’re in danger. Then start screaming and hang up the phone. Have a good laugh the following week when you finally remember to call them back tell them you’re OK.


Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel - Make a Mess and Check Out.


Make a Mess and Check Out.

Leave beer bottles around your dorm room. Smear your shit on the walls. Flood the toilets and the shower. Rip down the shower curtains and rip off your sheets. Leave an absolute mess. And then check out. You might not be able to see the reactions when the hostel workers find your room. But you’ll know they’ll be priceless.


Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel - Advertise Fake Hostel Events


Advertise Fake Hostel Events

There’s a massive kegger in room 304 tonight. There are free drinks in the hostel bar for chicks who show up in just their underwear. Laundry services are half price all week long. There’s a cock fight in the hostel garden. None of those have to be true but you can create signs advertising anything you want and hang them around the hostel. Hopefully people will show up and be disappointed. Hopefully girls will show up in only underwear and you won’t be.



Set Up a Fake Hostel

It’s easier than you think to set up a fake hostel. You just need an easy website builder like Wix or Squarespace, a PayPal account, and some stock photos. Set up some booking online with a fake address and wait for travelers to roll in.


These are some epic pranks to pull in a hostel! What What are the best dorm room pranks you’ve ever pulled?


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Backpacker Pranks to Pull in a Hostel

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