Why I Didn’t Study Abroad in College

Why I Didn't Study Abroad in College


A lot of people rave about studying abroad saying it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever done and a great way to travel while in college. A lot of people who never studied abroad say they wish they had and regret not doing it. Everyone thinks studying abroad is like the best thing ever.

Well, I just graduated from college and I didn’t study abroad, and I don’t regret not studying abroad. I just didn’t want to and didn’t think it sounded too interesting. These are some of the reasons why I didn’t study abroad in college:


I’d Miss My Friends

A whole semester away from my BFFs? Hellz no. I’d miss everything! All the parties. All the gossip. All the fun! O-M-G I couldn’t have done it. I’d have gotten way too homesick. Any part of the college experience would not have felt the same away from my friends!


I Wouldn’t Speak the Language

I guess I could have studied abroad in London or Melbourne or somewhere where they speak English. But anywhere else? Um, no. I took French in high school but that was totes long ago. I could barely order a croissant if I wanted to. I’d just be lost and feel excluded from everything and everyone because I only speak English.


It Sounds Boring

Studying abroad is not like a vacation. You have to do actual school work. Who wants to do homework and be stuck in boring old classes while they’re in a foreign country? I’m happy I waited until after college to get a passport and will take a ’round the world trip where I don’t have to spend a minute of it doing work!


See? Studying abroad in college just does not seem like it’s worthwhile at all. I’d be too homesick for my friends, bored studying, and left out from whatever language everyone else would be speaking. What do you think?


Did you study abroad in college? Why or why not? Do you regret your decision?


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Why I Didn't Study Abroad in College


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