Eight of the best ways to hide money when traveling

Eight ways to hide your money when traveling.


One of my biggest travel fears is getting pickpocketed when traveling. Imagine being in a foreign country and someone stealing all your money and credit cards right off of you! I can’t even begin to imagine what I’d do if that happened to me. There are a lot of ways to safeguard yourself from getting pickpocketed when you’re traveling the world and a lot of ways to hide money when traveling to decrease the chances of that happening. Here are eight of the best ways to hide money when traveling so you don’t get pickpocketed abroad.

The best ways to hide money when traveling:


1. Bring a Fake Wallet.

There are loads of creative ways to hide money when traveling. One of those ways is to carry a fake wallet. You should always carry a fake wallet with you everywhere you go. Carry a few dollars worth of local currency (whatever you need just to get through the day) and a fake credit card or two in an easy-to-find wallet and keep the bulk of your money and real cards in a separate hidden wallet or in a slashproof money belt. Then when you get pickpocketed you won’t lose anything important.

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2. Get a Theft-Proof Wallet

Even if you have a fake wallet full of fake IDs and credit cards, you’re going to need a real wallet for your real credit cards and money. Your best bet is a theft-proof wallet. The best pickpocket proof wallets come with a ton of extra security features to help keep your money and credit cards safe. They usually have tough material, zippers to keep everything inside, and a chain that clips to your belt loop or purse strap to keep it on you.

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3. Wear a Slash-Proof Purse

If you’re looking for places to hide money when traveling, try a slash-proof purse. Slash-proof purses are the best purses for traveling women. The zipper locks together making it hard for a pickpocketer to reach in and grab your wallet and they are lined with wire mesh making it nearly impossible for pickpocketers to slash through your purse to get your money. It’s the perfect option for hiding money while traveling.

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4. Clever ways to hide money while traveling

Thieves know to look for money in your pockets and wallet. But would they look for money in a book, hair brush, or tube of chapstick? Probably not. There are a lot of clever ways to hide money while traveling and creative products out there that allow you to hide your money while traveling. A pickpocket will probably steal your wallet, but probably won’t think to take your Chapstick.

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5. Wear a Money Belt

Every backpacker should wear a money belt at all times. You can keep your money, credit cards ID, and passport hidden on your body in a money belt, wear it around your waist under all your clothes, and never have to worry about someone stealing it. You can’t steal it unless you can see it! Money bels are one of the best way to hide your money when travelling.

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6. Hide Money in Your Bra

Women hide their money in their bras all the time. So, if you’re a solo-female traveler looking for how to hide money on your body, bras are the best place to keep cash close to your body, and out of reach of unwanted hands. You should always keep a little cash in your bra. You can even go one step further with a travel bra wallet. Bra wallets are like money belts but instead of wearing it around your waist, you clip it in your bra. With an undercover bra stash, you’ll never have to worry about the money slipping out when you bend over.

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7. Wear Clothes with Hidden Pockets

When considering where to hide money when traveling, the closer your money is to your body, the safer it is from pickpockets. Clothes with hidden pockets are a great way to hide your money when you’re traveling. You can buy travel underwear, a bra with pockets for money, tank tops with hidden compartments, slash-proof pants, scarves with hidden pockets, socks with zippers — you name it. Clothing items with secret pockets for you to hide money in provide great ways to hide money when traveling. A pickpocket would have to get awfully close to get any money from your tank top or underwear!

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8. Use a Wrist Wallet

When thinking of how to hide money when traveling, an alternative to a slashproof wallet is a wrist wallet! You can wear a wrist wallet right on your wrist. It’s a good place to store money, a pickpocket would literally have to grab you by the wrist and unzip it to get your money: hardly subtle! Your money will be nice and convenient and you won’t have to worry about anyone stealing it! (Unless, I guess, a thief grabs you by the wrist!)

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How do YOU hide your money when traveling so you don’t get pickpocketed?


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Eight of the best ways to hide money when traveling. From slash proof wallets to bras with hidden compartments to a money belt, here's where to hide money when traveling.

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