Five Best Excuses to Drink Around the World

Five Best Excuses to Drink Around the World


After high school I didn’t want to go straight to college like everyone else I knew, so I decided to take a year off to travel around the world in the my last years of being a teenager. By the time I was 21, the legal age to drink in the US, I had already been drunk in over 30 countries. One of the best reasons to travel before college is that most countries have younger drinking ages and no one ever checks IDs.

What are my favorite excuses to drink around the world? Glad you asked. Here are my top five recommendations.

Five Best Excuses to Drink Around the World:


Five Best Excuses To Drink Around The World - OKTOBERFEST


Oktoberfest is the world’s biggest and most famous beer fair. Every September locals and travelers gather in Munich, Germany, and drink beer non stop for sixteen days. Get to a tent at 9am, chug local brews from beer steins until late night. Repeat. It’s the best drinking festival in the world and worth a trip. Other cities may have knock-off events of their own, but don’t settle, nothing compares to the buzz of Munich’s Oktoberfest.


Full Moon Party

Once a month as the full moon rises over Haad Rin, tens of thousands of backpackers gather on Koh Phangan Island in Thailand for the most epic party in the world. Plastic buckets full of Sangsom, Coke, and Red Bull fuel the all night celebration. The whiskey gets you wasted. The Red Bull keeps you going. Loud music pumps from bars across the beach, fire dancers perform for amusement, and drunk backpackers bond over a night of heavenly debauchery. It’s the best night of the month in Thailand, maybe even the world.


Five Best Excuses To Drink Around The World - ST. PATRICK'S DAY

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s day is a holiday that revolves around beer. Green beer. Wake up early, put on head to toe Green and a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” button (even if you’re not, it’s the one day a year that we’re all Irish), head to your local pub or parade, and drink green-dyed beer or pints of Guinness all day long. Obviously Ireland is the place to be to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, something everyone should experience. But if you have to be celebrate somewhere else, so be it.


Pub Crawls

Any hostel that is worth anything hosts a pub crawl. Bar crawls are one of the best ways to see a city. Every night you go all around to the best bars in town, get free shots and drinks, and have an amazing time with some crazy backpackers. I’ve never had a pub crawl that wasn’t wicked. There are pub crawls in almost every city and usually they pick you up right from your hostel. What could be better than that?


Five Best Excuses To Drink Around The World - TUESDAY

It’s Tuesday

Do you need an excuse to drink? No. You’re traveling the world: every day is a Saturday night and it’s always five o clock somewhere. Your hostel bar is probably open all day so hit it early and often. Wake up in your dorm bed and crack open a Chang. Pour some shots of Aguardiente and make new friends. Traveling around the world means that every day is a vacation and that means you can drink all day every day no matter where you are.


What’s your favorite excuse to drink when traveling the world? Why aren’t you drinking right now?


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Five Best Excuses to Drink Around the World


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