Free Things Backpackers Love

Free Things Backpackers Love


Backpackers are cheap. Extremely cheap. So cheap that if you give them an option to do something that costs anything or to do nothing, they will usually go for doing nothing. And if there’s one thing a backpacker loves more than something cheap, it’s something free. Here are some free things backpackers love



Free Things Backpackers Love:



Free Breakfast - Free Things Backpackers Love

Free Breakfast

Be real, how many times have you picked a hostel based on whether or not they’ve offered free breakfast? Chances are you always go for the free breakfast option, whether it’s toast or make-your-own pancakes. Either will do.



Free Walking Tours - Free Things Backpackers Love

Free Walking Tours

Any backpacker will tell you, free walking tours are the best way to see a city. They might say they’re actually tip-based tours, but disappear just before it ends and you don’t have to pay a Euro.



Free Museums - Free Things Backpackers Love

Free Museums

Who wants to go to a boring museum on their travels? Oh, it’s free? I guess I could do that.



Free Drinks - Free Things Backpackers Love

Free Drinks

“Happy hour” and “Ladies Night” are the backpacker’s two favorite phrases.



Free Hostel Stays - Free Things Backpackers Love

Free Hostel Stays

Stay six nights get a seventh free? I guess I’m staying a week.



Free Upgrades - Free Things Backpackers Love

Free Upgrades

You only have a four-bed dorm instead of the twelve-bed I paid for? Yes, I’m fine with that.



Free WiFi - Free Things Backpackers Love

Free WiFi

What’s the first thing a backpacker asks when getting to a hostel, a coffee shop, or a restaurant? “Is there wifi?” And if there is no wifi, you know you’re not buying anything there.



Free Travel - Free Things Backpackers Love

Free Travel

Why else would anyone become a travel blogger? Ask any backpacker nowadays and they have a blog in hopes of scoring free travel. Press trips, comped stays, free activities? I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have a travel blog yet.



Hey backpackers: what’s your favorite free thing when backpacking?


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Free Things Backpackers Love

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