How to Avoid Meeting Locals on Your Travels

How to Avoid Locals on Your Travels


When you’re traveling around the world, you want to meet new people, exciting people, fellow travelers. The last thing you want to do is meet locals while traveling. Locals are boring and most of them have never left their hometown before. Locals might try to tell you things to do that aren’t listed in your Lonely Planet. And we all know that if it’s not listed in Lonely Planet, it’s not worth doing. Locals might try to talk your ear off about the local culture, local traditions, and local way of life, when all you’re trying to do is find the bar. Face it, you want to avoid meeting locals on your travels at all costs.

The thing is though, locals are everywhere when you travel, so if you want to avoid local people, you have to be a savvy traveler. Here are five ways you can avoid meeting locals on your travels.


How to Avoid Meeting Locals on Your Travels


1. Always stay at hostels.

Hostels are always the best place for a backpacker stay and when you stay in hostels you rarely have to worry about meeting locals. Everyone staying at hostels is a fellow backpacker and usually the staff are all foreigners as well. You’ll meet the coolest people from around the world at hostels and will always find the best backpacker-friendly places to eat and drink in town with them.

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2. Find the nearest Irish Pub!

If you want to avoid meeting locals on your travels, avoid local bars. A good bet is to find an Irish bar or Aussie bar wherever you’re traveling. They are literally everywhere around the world and you will never find a local inside. Obviously and Irish bar in Ireland might have locals, so avoid any Irish pub there.


3. Follow your guidebook.

Guidebooks rarely send you to the places locals go. Instead, they show you backpacker-friendly hostels, bars, restaurants, and activities. Chances of meeting locals at anyplace in your guidebook is slim, so stick to that Lonely Planet and you should be fine.


4. Stay all inclusive.

If you have more money that the average backpacker and are looking for a luxury vacation, try an all-inclusive resort. At an all-inclusive resort you never have to worry about running into locals because you never leave your hotel property. All you activities, food, and drinks will be right on site and you’ll get all the culture you need right there.


5. Take a guided tour.

Guided tours are a great way to never meet a local on your travels because you’re always on itinerary or on the bus. Guided tours keep you on track and with your tour group so you won’t even have the time to stray and accidentally run into a local.

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There you have it, five ways you can avoid meeting locals on your travels. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll never again have to worry about stumbling on a local out in the world.

How do YOU avoid meeting locals on your travels?


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How to Avoid Meeting Locals on Your Travels

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