How To Travel Like a Local

How To Travel Like a Local


Who doesn’t want to travel the world like a local? It’s the ultimate way to really experience and absorb a travel destination. It’s the most authentic way to travel! After all, who knows a place better than a local who really lives there? Here’s how to travel like a local for a day, no matter where in the world you are.

How to travel like a local:


Rent an apartment.

The first step to traveling like a local is to rent an apartment. Forget hotels and hostels. Apartments will give you that closed-in, always alone feeling that locals love. Instead of spending all your time with other tourists in the touristy part of town, renting an apartment allows you to isolate yourself away from anyone to talk to on the outskirts of any pesky tourist attractions: a truly local travel experience!


Spend a day behind a desk.

What do most locals do all day in their city? Work. So to really get the feeling of living in a place, go to work for a day! I’m sure any office anywhere in the world would be happy to have some extra hands for the day. The local experience includes staring at a computer, answering emails, and, if you’re lucky, making some copies.

If you can’t find an office to work in try the public library! Many libraries have free computers to use, so you can pretend you’re in an office by staring at a computer all day there.


Go to the pub nearest your apartment.

Sure, you could scour all the local magazines and blogs, consult Zagat, or ask for recommendations from strangers on the internet for the best place to drink in the city. But if you want to truly travel like the locals you’ll just go down the block to the nearest bar. It may not be the hippest, trendiest, or best place to drink. But it’s convenient. And that is what’s important to most locals. Order whatever beer is on special and you’ll fit right in. No one will even guess you’re from out of town!


Call for takeout.

Sure, you could go out to a restaurant. But that takes effort. And if there’s one things locals aren’t known for, it’s effort. I mean, if they did have effort they would probably be world travelers like you. But they’re not, they’re locals. So skip going out to dinner. Order takeout and let it come to you. Alternatively you can grab a frozen dinner and throw it in the microwave. In minutes you’ll have a piping hot meal. It’s a local delicacy!


Fall asleep in front of the television.

After a full day of working and eating take out what does a local want to do? Watch TV. So lie on the couch, flip through the channels, and find something good. I recommend a local reality program, it’s sure to please! If you want to feel like a real local be sure to fall asleep in front of the TV at least once!


Have you ever tried traveling like a local? What’s your favorite way to do it?


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How To Travel Like a Local

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