Why I’ve Never Traveled Outside of the U.S.

Why I've Never Traveled Outside of the U.S.


I’ve never traveled outside of the U.S. before. In fact, I’ve really never travelled before IN the U.S. either. As our ’round the world trip approaches I sometimes stop and think, “why not?” Why have I never traveled abroad before? I am so excited to be traveling all around the world with Zach. But still, there are lots of reasons I’ve kept my feet (and all the rest of me) firmly planted at home. And as I plan our upcoming trip I can’t help but think of all the reasons that I’m just out of college and I have never been out of the country before!

Here is why I’ve never traveled outside of the U.S. before:


Travel is dangerous.

I’ve never traveled before because travel is DANGEROUS! I’ve heard so many horror stories of travelers getting raped or murdered abroad. And there are so many dangerous countries out there — anytime you hear about any foreign country on the news is always because something bad happened! I can’t help but be scared to travel because there is so much danger out there in the world!


I might get kidnapped abroad.

I’ve seen Taken. I know it can happen. Sure it’s a movie and fiction but isn’t all fiction based on real life in some way? Maybe someone will think I’m rich and that they’ll get ransom money off me. Maybe someone will sell me in the sex trade. Maybe someone just wants an American wife. Who knows. But I’ve always been scared of getting kidnapped when traveling.


I might get robbed while traveling.

Getting robbed while traveling is totally common. I’ve heard of so many backpackers who have gotten pickpocketed, held up at gunpoint, had laptops stolen from their dorm room, or worse. I don’t want to get robbed!


I won’t be able communicate abroad.

I speak zero languages outside of English. How am I supposed to even talk to people when I’m in another country? I won’t be able to get anywhere or do anything because I won’t speak the local language. Not being able to speak any other languages is a big reason I’ve never been to foreign country.


What if I get sick when traveling?

What am I supposed to do if I get sick while traveling? What if I’m in some third world country and have to see a doctor that probably didn’t even go to medical school? In a dirt hut? Or what if there are no doctors and I have to see a shaman witch? I’m going to die.


I might lose all my friends if I travel.

Most of my friends (besides Zach, obvi) think the idea of traveling is crazy. If I travel for a long time, I fear I’ll lose touch with all my friends from home. What if I never see them again? What if they move on without me?


I don’t have the money.

Ugh, as much as everyone says travel isn’t expensive, travel is EXPENSIVE. I mean, you need to pay for flights and hostels and food and activities and beer. It adds up! I’ve never been able to afford to travel! (I still can’t – we have no idea how we’re going to afford to travel around the world!)


I fear the unknown.

What’s going to happen if I travel? How am I going to find a hostel? How am I going to find my way to the hostel from the airport? How am I going to get around? Where am I going to go? What’s going to happen? What am I going to eat? How do I get money? Where are ATMs? Am I going to make friends? I have no idea what is going to happen when I travel! That’s just scary and a major reason I’ve never been out of the country!


I had no one to travel with.

For most of my life I had no one to travel with. My family doesn’t like to travel my friends don’t like to travel. And traveling by yourself sounds like the worst thing ever. So I’ve never traveled anywhere outside of the U.S. before because I had no one who would go with me!


My parents don’t approve of me traveling.

See everything above that has kept me from traveling and multiply it by ten. That is how much my parents don’t want me traveling!


Come to think of it those are all valid reasons for not ever traveling outside of the U.S. and for why I have never traveled anywhere before. Maybe I shouldn’t travel around the world after all…


Have you traveled outside of the U.S. before? Was it OK? Or are all my points valid?


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Why I've Never Traveled Outside of the U.S.

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