No one understands that I want to travel the world.

No one understands that I want to travel the world.


No one understands that I want to TRAVEL THE WORLD! Ugh!

While I was home for spring break I finally told my parents that I want to travel the world instead of getting a job after college. They didn’t take it well.

I tried using all my techniques for breaking it gently: I was the perfect daughter all week (taking out the trash and doing dishes) and dropped subtle hints about how sweet it would have been if they had gotten me a passport as a baby and taken me on vacations. When I finally told them I made sure to stress how much volunteer work and English teaching I planned to do and about all the museums and cathedrals I wanted to see (even though I don’t want to do any of that!).

But they still didn’t get it. They just want me to get a job, they don’t want to buy me a backpack for my birthday, and they think my graduation present should be a car, not a RTW ticket!

My dad thinks I’ll be throwing my life away and my mom thinks I’ll get raped and murdered.

On top of that, most of my friends don’t understand either. Obviously Zach does because he has traveled everywhere and is my travel partner, but everyone else? Not so much.

My best girlfriends had hoped we’d all get jobs, boyfriends, and a fabulous apartment together after college. They’ve always thought Zach was crazy for traveling and think he’s conceited for talking about backpacking the world as if he’s “better than everyone else,” and they, “don’t want me to become that.”

My friends think I’m going to stop showering and join some hippie commune in India.

All my conversations with my friends and family now just turn into yelling and crying.

Help me! I’m lost! No one understands that I want to travel the world after I graduate! How do I convince my parents that I’m not going to die or throw my life away? How do I convince my friends that I’m not going to throw out my makeup and become a hobo?


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No one understands that I want to travel the world.

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One response to “No one understands that I want to travel the world.”

  1. It’s a really hard choice to go travelling when your friends and family don’t understand your reasoning behind it. We’re lucky that after 10 months of planning our families warmed to the idea of us quitting our graduate jobs, selling everything and taking off for two years around the world. Most of our friends are really supportive and thanks to social media it’s easy to keep in contact. However, we soon realised that some friends won’t be keeping in contact, despite our efforts, and they’ll be doing the same thing, day in, day out until you get home- go make new friends and enjoy the world!

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