Should women travel alone?

Should women travel alone?


Sometimes readers send us questions and I do my best to answer! Robin wanted to know if it’s OK to travel alone if she can’t find anyone to go with her. This one seemed like it might be relevant to many of our readers so I decided to answer publicly via a blog post!

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Hi Amy!
I really want to travel on a vacation to Europe this summer. I want to go to Paris, Rome, and Barcelona! But none of my friends want to go with me. Is it OK to go alone?

– Brenda

Hi Brenda! Thank you for reaching out. I know how hard it is to want to travel around the world but have no one to go with. Luckily I have my friend Zach or else there’s no way I would be planning a ’round the world trip!

So, your question is: Should you travel alone? Should women travel alone?

If I were you, I wouldn’t. Traveling alone sounds scary, dangerous, and lonely. Why would you want that? If I were you I’d wait until you found a friend or, ideally, a boyfriend to travel with.

Think of all the things you’d miss out on by traveling by yourself. You’d have to do all the planning by yourself, see all the sites by yourself, get everywhere by yourself. And it’s definitely more dangerous. You’re way more likely to get robbed, kidnapped, raped, or murdered if you travel by yourself over with other people. That’s a proven fact. Why put yourself in that situation?

Do you still want to travel alone? If you’re dead set on going this summer, why not check out a group tour like G Adventures? With a group tour you don’t have to know anyone else who wants to travel and can enroll by yourself, but once you’re out there you’ll never have to be alone! And they’ll plan everything for you. Group tours sound like a great way for a woman to travel if she has no one to travel with!

I hope that helped! Hopefully you’ll find friends to go with you so you can take your dream vacation some day!

<3 Amy



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Should women travel alone?

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