Six Resolutions for Backpackers Planning a ‘Round the World Trip

Six Resolutions for Backpackers Planning a 'Round the World Trip


Zach and I have been planning to travel around the world for like ever. Or at least since we met our freshman year of college, LOL! But this year will be the year we finally take the plunge!

I still have a LOT to do before I can ever think of taking off on our BIG TRIP. Like, way too much. But I am determined to go out there are see. the. world. What better way to kick your butt into gear than a big ole list of resolutions. Am I right?

As we ring in 2015 I have the biggest motivation evah to take all the steps needed to DO IT! So, these are my “become a backpacker” New Year’s resolutions for 2015 (along with some of our tips from the year on how you can plan a ’round the world trip too).


Six Resolutions for Backpackers Planning a ‘Round the World Trip:


Resolution 1: Save Money for our ‘Round the World Trip

I feel like I’ve been saving my whole damn life. But really it’s been, like, a year. But between all my expenses my bank account still has hardly anything in it! Ugh. But this is the year. I am going to save every penny possible until I have enough money to travel ’round the world for at least a year!

I’m going to make a budget, stop drinking all the time, stop going out for lunch all the time, stop getting Starbucks every day. I’m going to save all my money to travel.

Are you saving to travel around the world too? Here’s one of the way’s I’m saving money to travel:


Sell all My Stuff

I need to get rid of everything I own in order to travel the world. Well, maybe not everything — I have a lot of totes CUTE stuff. But some of it. So this year I will have a garage sale, sell things on eBay, put things on Craigslist: whatever it takes!


Make a Travel Plan

I need to plan everything about out ’round the world trip! Where we want to go. Where we will stay. What we will do there. How we will get around. It’s time to get serious and make a PLAN!

Do you need to make a travel plan too? Here are some posts to help you DO IT:


Book a RTW Ticket

After we figure out WHERE we’re going, it will be time to figure out WHEN! We’ll pick a date and book our ’round the world flights! From there there will be NO TURNING BACK!

Need some help planning your itinerary? Check out these posts:


Get a Backpack

All backpackers need a backpack, am I right? So I need to get a shiny new pack so I look like a real backpacker when I’m out there seeing the world! (And so I have a place to put all my stuff!)

Do you need a new backpack for your ’round the world trip? Here are some articles on picking the right backpack, and how to pack it like a pro!


Get my First Passport Stamp!

My BIGGEST resolution for the year is to get my first passport stamp! I have never left the country before, so taking a ’round the world trip will be such a BIG LEAP! I can’t wait to see what the first stamp in my passport will be! I hope it’s for PARIS — my dream city — but you never know where we’ll end up starting. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Do you have a passport yet? If not, check out this post and get one this year:


Are you a backpacker planning to travel around the world? What are your New Year’s resolutions that will keep you on track?


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Six Resolutions for Backpackers Planning a 'Round the World Trip

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