How to Smuggle Booze on Your Travels

How to Smuggle Booze on Your Travels


There come times when traveling when you’re going to have to smuggle booze and drink it discreetly. Maybe you’re on a cruise that strictly forbids outside drinks. Maybe you’re going to a concert where they definitely will search your bag. Maybe your hostel doesn’t allow outside alcohol. Maybe you need a little somethin’ to get you through that Vatican tour. Or maybe drinking at the bar is just too expensive. Sneaking alcohol in is a right of passage for the backpacker.

But how can you hide your booze when traveling? The trick to sneaking alcohol into any event or location is to be discreet. And the best way to be discreet is to disguise your drinks. Carrying around a giant bottle of rum is pretty conspicuous, but carrying around a camera in your pocket or some tampons in your purse? No one would give it a second thought.

Luckily, there are some great products out there that can help you smuggle booze on your travels. Below is a list of some of our favorite ways to hide your hooch.


Best products to smuggle booze when traveling:


Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask

Backpackers and sunscreen go hand in hand. With the amount of time we spend on the beach, in the hot island sun, there’s no way we’d be caught without it. So no one would ever question that bottle of sunscreen in your daypack. And no one would ever know that it’s whiskey, not lotion in that flask that looks like sunscreen. A hidden sunscreen alcohol flask is the perfect way to conceal your booze on the beach.



GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask

If you already have a bottle of sunscreen in your bag (as I said, it’s pretty much a staple for backpackers) why not go for a bottle of lotion? These flasks are shaped like lotion bottles, so no one would give them a second thought. Even though these hidden flasks for smuggling in booze are filled with alcohol, not aloe.



The WineRack – Alcoholic Bra

Ladies: this sports bra flask has a polyurethane bladder that holds 25 ounces of your favorite beverage. This booze bra takes water bras to a whole new level. Just be careful, that bloke you’re checking out might notice that your rack is depleting throughout the night. But he won’t care that much as long as you let him sip out of your boobs.



Secret Binocular Flask

If you’re one of those backpackers that enjoys nature, a binocular flask may be the way to go to smuggle your booze. A binocular flask is perfect for a day out bird watching, because you’ll need to get drunk to actually enjoy bird watching.



Camera Flask

Say Cheese! Or, better yet, say Chardonnay! Now that you’re probably using your iPhone as a camera, it won’t look suspicious at all if another neglected one is floating around in your daypack. This camera-shaped flask looks like a standard run-of-the-mill point-and-shoot, but the inside is hollow so you can smuggle whatever your drink of choice is wherever cameras are allowed.



Hidden Tampon Flasks

Ladies: this tampon flask is the perfect way to smuggle booze anywhere you go. Trust me, if anyone sees a tampon in your bag, they aren’t going to investigate it further. Just fill up a tube with tequila, stick it back in the package and no one will know. No one.



Whether you need to sneak alcohol on a cruise, into a concert, or just about anywhere, you can use these clever flasks to conceal your vodka and hide your whiskey.

How do you smuggle booze on your travels?


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How to Smuggle Booze on Your Travels

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