Ten Easy Ways to Make Money to Travel the World

Ten Easy Ways to Make Money to Travel the World


So you’re planning to travel around the world. But, if you’re like most backpackers with big dreams you also have a small wallet. But fear not, fellow backslackers, there are a lot of easy ways to make money to travel the world. And many of them require little to no effort at all. Here are ten of the easiest.


Ten Easy Ways to Make Money to Travel the World


1. Sell your sperm or eggs

Selling my sperm is how I fund half my life. It’s easy money without having to do anything I wouldn’t normally do a few times a day anyways. Who knows how many rugrats I have running around but who cares? All that matters is that for every deposit I make, I have more time on the road. I’m trying to convince Amy that she needs to donate her eggs for the travel fund. There’s a little more to that process than just masturbating, but chicks can make bank off their eggs.


2. Sell your hair

All those losers donating their hair to Locks of Love and shit are missing out. There are people out there who will pay for your hair. So skip the cancer kids and go online. You can list your hair on a site like Hair Sellon and people will pay hundreds for your hair. Maybe they want to make a wig? Maybe they have some pervy fetish? Who knows. Alls I know is it’s easy money to add to your travel account.


3. Sell your panties

This one is mostly for the ladies. There are men out there who will buy your used panties online. You can do it through sites like Craigslist or Reddit or Panty Deal, which allow you to sell your undies to men who want to smell them. Why? I don’t know. I don’t want to know. But the less you know in this situation, the better. The more panties you sell now, the more parties you’ll be hitting up on your ’round the world trip.


4. Sign up for medical studies

People are always getting recruited for clinical research studies, and, often, they pay. A lot of them require you to have a pre-existing condition. If it’s something like diabetes you might be out of luck (but if you have diabetes you’re in luck!) — but if it’s something like depression or celiacs you can probably fake it. You may have to take some questionable drugs as part of the study. But what backpacker doesn’t take questionable drugs on a daily basis anyways, am I right?


5. Rent your room

Have an extra bedroom in your place? Rent it out. Are your parents out of town for the weekend? Airbnb the shit out of their bedroom.


6. Gamble

Gambling can be, well, a gamble. But you can also hit it big. Try your hand at online poker, go to a casino, or even buy a lottery ticket. You can easily double, triple, quadruple your money if you’re extremely skilled or extremely lucky.


7. Have someone die

I’m not saying kill someone. I’m just saying, if your grandma, who is bat-shit old anyways, happens to pass away, she will probably leave you something in her will. Take that money and run.


8. Sue someone

There are two American dreams. One is to travel the world. The other is to sue someone for a shit-ton of money. Suing in America is the easiest way to get a little padding in your bank. So accidentally get hit by a car. Slip on the floor of that Starbucks. Or, find a deep-fried finger in your KFC bucket. And then sue the hell out of anyone in your path.


9. Crowdfund

The best way to fund your ’round the world trip is to ask your friends and family (and blog readers!) to DONATE! Starting a crowdfunding campaign with a website like GoFundMe is so easy to set up and your friends and family will be so happy to help you get where you want to go! Do you want to help me and Amy travel the world?

10. Take out a loan

When all else fails — take out a loan. You can either take an advance on your credit card, go to the neighborhood payday loan, or try to get one from a real bank. It doesn’t matter where you get the money, you’re going to skip the country soon after taking out the loan, so you won’t have to worry about ever paying it back.


Now that you have these ten easy ways to make money to travel the world, it’s time to go out there and start earning money! You’ll save enough for your ’round the world trip in no time! You won’t even have to resort to begpacking to pay for your travels!


Selling your panties? Payday loans? Crowdfunding? How are you paying for YOUR ’round the world trip?


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Ten Easy Ways to Make Money to Travel the World!

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