Why I want to plan our entire ’round the world trip

Why I want to plan our entire 'round the world trip


Zach and I are planning a ’round the world trip. He doesn’t think we need a plan. He thinks we just buy a ticket and go and, “See where the wind takes us.”

Whatevs. No.

I want to have a plan. I’m not leaving America if I don’t know where we’re going, where we’re staying — the whole itinerary! I want to plan our entire ’round the world trip before we go. Why?


We’ll Save Money

If we’re doing all your travel plans last minute without any sort of plan, we will waste so much money! If we plan now, we can get the best deals on everything. Plus buying a RTW ticket is a MUST! With a RTW ticket you plan all of your destinations ahead of time and get one ticket to go everywhere. It will save us so much money.


We’ll Save Time

Who wants to spend time on vacation booking flights and looking for hostels? If we book everything ahead of time we just have to show up! How easy is that? I don’t want to do any research from the road. I want to know where we’ll be at all times ahead of time. It will leave us more time to have fun on our trip!


It’s Safer

Safety is a major concern when traveling around the world. If we book everything ahead of time we can give everyone we know back home copies of our itineraries so if anything happens to us, they’ll know where we are. Plus we can make sure we’re always taking reputable transportation and staying at reputable places by researching them ahead of time. Not just relying on whatever we happen to find.



FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. If we don’t plan ahead, we’ll miss so much! I’d just die if we got to a city and realized we missed an ultra-cool festival or concert! Or imagine if we wanted to stay in the best hostel in a city and it was booked solid when we got to town and we can’t stay there because you didn’t book ahead? Ugh. If we research ahead of time we can make sure we don’t miss anything!


I want to plan our entire ’round the world trip before we go. Zach thinks we don’t need to plan anything.

What do you think? Who is right? Should we plan everything ahead of time or wing the whole thing?


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Why I want to plan our entire 'round the world trip


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4 responses to “Why I want to plan our entire ’round the world trip”

  1. I also like to plan my trips ahead of time – primarily for time savings on the road. I encourage everyone to travel the way that best fits them, but I’ll also mention that FOMO works both ways and if you encounter a new experience you didn’t plan for, you should still consider taking advantage of it on a whim. I’d suggest either building in buffer days for things like that or being open to throwing away your plans and building new ones partway through.

  2. Hi, I’m a huge planner myself but I can’t agree with planning that long a trip on advance. I’m about to embark on a similar trip myself and although I’m doing a lot of thinking ahead, I’m also looking forward to really letting go in some parts of the world and seeing where the wind takes me. I think letting go is part of the experience and one of the luxuries you can afford when traveling for so long. I hope you decide to compromise a little. Best wishes!

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