Why I’m Afraid to Travel Around the World

Why I'm Afraid to Travel Around the World


Zach and I are planning a year-long ’round the world trip where we’re going to backpack around Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. I’ve never traveled outside of America before so I’m S-C-A-R-E-D. I don’t know what to expect — as excited as I am, I’m still nervous! Zach says I have nothing to worry about but I am still afraid to travel the world!

It’s scary out there and traveling in foreign countries where you don’t know the language, the way, or any people just puts you in a position where so much can go wrong. You know what Murphy’s Law says: anything that can go wrong will go wrong!

Here are the top five reasons I’m afraid to travel around the world:


I’m going to get lost.

I just know I’m going to take a wrong turn somewhere in Amsterdam and end up trapped in an alley. How do you know which way is north? How do you figure out which train is yours if everything is written in a different language? How are you supposed to get to your hostel from the airport or find your way home from the bars in an unfamiliar place in the middle of the night? It is so easy to get lost when traveling!


I’m going to get robbed.

I’ve heard that everyone gets robbed at least once while they travel. Someone could come up to you with a gun and take all your stuff. Or you might put down your bag at a bus station and turn around and it’s gone. People rob you on the street or even in your hostel room. I don’t want to get robbed!


I’m going to get sick.

Everyone gets sick when traveling. You eat some gross un-hygienic bowl of noodles off the street and BAM you’re in and out of the bathroom all day for a week. (Totes gross.) Or you get bit by some mosquito and are in the hospital with malaria. Even common things like the flu would be totally worse when traveling because you won’t have your doctor or your mom to take care of you and bring you soup and medicine.


I’m going to be lonely.

Sure, I’m traveling with Zach, so I will always have someone there. But he’s a BOY! As much as he is my BFF at home I also have a lot of girlfriends. We can talk about boys and makeup and clothes and things I just can’t talk with Zach about. What if I don’t meet anyone new when I travel? I can’t handle an entire year where I only have Zach to hang out with!


I’m going to go to jail.

Have you ever seen Locked Up Abroad? It’s this TV show where people travel in foreign countries and then get locked up in jail. Sometimes it’s their own fault and sometimes it’s not! Someone could easily smuggle drugs into my backpack when I’m not looking. Or the corrupt police in some corrupt country could just say I have drugs or did something wrong and lock me up for no good reason. It’s really easy to get thrown in jail in other countries and really hard to get out!


Those are just some of the reasons I’m afraid to travel the world. So, as excited as I am to travel, I am also really scared!

Are my fears valid? Have you traveled the world and gotten lost, sick, robbed, or thrown in jail?


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Why I'm Afraid to Travel Around the World

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2 responses to “Why I’m Afraid to Travel Around the World”

  1. This is what my mind said while I read this: “Oh yes I got lost. Ah I remember getting held at gunpoint and robbed. Oh the time I was sick in India for a week was not pretty. Sadly I got used to feeling lonely sometimes and very often. Thank God I didn’t go to jail but almost did. I was so damn scared I almost went right back home.”

    So ummm yeah all of that may happen to you, it all happened to me and each other these is on my blog. Trust me though it’s not as scary as you think & you will laugh about it later. . You can’t let any of that stop you from going on this trip. You know all of those things can happen while you are at home! Yes all of them & well either way your fear is valid!

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