Why You Should Always Use a Guidebook When Traveling

Why You Should Always Use a Guidebook When Traveling


O-M-G! I recently bought my first guidebooks so I can plan our upcoming ’round the world trip! I’m just starting to read them but they seem so useful! I can’t imagine how anyone plans a trip without one — you should always use a guidebook when traveling! I bought three of them:

Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring

Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a Shoestring

Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring

I bought Lonely Planet books because everyone knows they are the best ones for backpackers. Some people call it “The Bible” and I can see why. They tell you everything you need to know! I’m going to follow these to a T when I travel. Here are some reasons that I think everyone should get a guidebook for their ’round the world trip:


Guidebooks tell you everything!

These guidebooks tell you where you should stay, where you should eat, and what you should do in every city. They even tell you what cities you should go to and have routes that you can take all mapped out based on how much time you have in each place! This makes it so easy to figure out where to go and what to do on a ’round the world trip!


All the information is in one place!

Sure, you can find everything online: travel blogs and websites have all the information. But you have to search for it and we’re slackers, remember? With a guidebook I don’t have to do any extra effort. All the information I need is right there!


Guidebooks have maps!

I have Google Maps on my iPhone, so I don’t usually see a point in paper maps for getting places. But the maps in these guidebooks seem useful because you can see where everything is in relation to other things. So when we book a hostel we can see how close it is to the bars and stuff. That way we won’t get stuck in a place that is totes far from everything.


I may have just gotten my first guidebooks, but I’m in love with them already and know there is no way I could ever travel without my Lonely Planet in my purse! But now, I have a question for you!

How do you carry all these books with you?

I have guidebooks for Europe, Asia, and South America and they. are. heavy. And they are big and bulky. And they will take up a ton of space in my backpack. If you’ve traveling to all these places all around the world how do you manage carrying guidebooks for each place all around and still have room for everything else you need? Help!?!?



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Why You Should Always Use a Guidebook When Traveling

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