About The Backslackers

We’re Amy and Zach — The Backslackers!

We just graduated from college and are gearing up to take a year-long ’round the world trip! Follow our adventures as we travel all around the world!

Meet Amy!

Hey world — Amy here! I just graduated from college and all I want to do is TRAVEL. THE. WORLD. The truth is: I’ve never traveled outside of America before and just got my first passport! After four years of hearing all about Zach’s adventures I decided I wanted to travel too! Who wouldn’t want to travel with their bestest friend evah! (I know you’re going to ask — he’s NOT my boyfriend. LOL)

I’ll be sharing everything we’re up to as we prepare to go ’round the world!

Meet Zach!

Zach has already traveled all over the world. He took a year off after high school to travel and went on a ’round the world trip then. After HIGH SCHOOL! Zach has been to over 30 countries and counting so he’ll be bringing you some articles and tips from the P-O-V of a seasoned traveler.

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