30 Reasons Why PARIS is my DREAM City

30 Reasons Why PARIS is my DREAM City


Paris has always been my dream city. It’s definitely my top romantic destinations if I were to ever travel with a boyfriend/husband/lover. Ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with the City of Light. I took French in high school (but don’t ask me to say more than Bonjour!), have a statue of the Eiffel Tower on my nightstand, and know every song in Moulin Rouge. I always knew that when I finally got my passport Paris would be the first place I’d go, so I can’t wait to visit on my ’round the world trip! I plan to stay in all the most beautiful Paris Hotels.

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Paris is always a good idea. - Audrey Hepburn

No one says it better than Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina: “Paris is always a good idea.” I couldn’t agree more! Why is Paris my dream city? Here are 30 reasons.

PARIS is my DREAM City because…

1. The Eiffel Tower
Only the most beautiful structure in the whole entire world. The Eiffel Tower lights up at night too! I am DYING to see it in person!

2. Croissants
Flaky buttery pastries. Need I say more?

3. The Moulin Rouge
Cabaret, courtesans, and can-can!

4. Moulin Rouge
The most romantic movie ever made!

5. Amelie
The second most romantic movie ever made! (All the most romantic movies take place in PARIS!)

6. Claude Monet
Famous for blurry haystacks and lily pads.

7. Crepes
Crepes filled with fruit. Crepes filled with honey. Crepes filled with Nutella. I can feel my waistline expanding already!

8. Berets
I’d look really cute and totes boho in a beret.

9. Wine
Wine is the best way to get drunk while acting classy. And France is known for good wine.

10. The Accents
Ooh la la — to hear a Parisian man speak to me!

11. The Mona Lisa
Only the most famous work of art ever!

12. The Louvre
I’m sure there’s more famous art there too.

13. Creme Brûlée
Creamy and crackly and so perfectly French.

14. Ballet
It’s so French that all the terminology is in French.

15. Edgar Degas
Famous for painting those ballerinas.

16. Notre Dame
A cathedral famous for its gothic architecture and the hunchback who used to live there.

17. Cute Metro Signs
Art nouveau and perfectly vintage.

18. Edith Piaf
A totes famous French singer. There was some movie about her.

19. Macarons
In all the colors and flavors!

20. Versailles
A beautiful palace! I’ve never been to a palace! It will be just like in a Disney film!

21. Love Locks
There’s a bridge in Paris covered in love locks, these padlocks people lock there to signify their eternal love.

22. Midnight in Paris
Paris in the 20s. Paris in la Belle Epoque. Another movie that shows that Paris anytime is the most romantic city in the world.

23. Montmartre
Some boring dome and the NIGHTCLUB district!

24. Arc de Triomphe
A famous arch — celebrating triumph?

25. Cheese
French cheese is everything.

26. The Seine River
A beautiful river that runs through the city.

27. Café au lait
It may just be a fancy way to say coffee with milk. But it’s the French way! And who doesn’t dream of sipping a café au lait in a cute Parisian café?

28. Merci! Bonjour!
The language is so beautiful.

29. Shopping
O-M-G Parisians are so sophisticated! The shopping in Paris has to be the best. I may need to buy an even bigger backpack!

30. Sex and The City
The series finale of Sex and the City takes place in Paris. And if Paris is good enough for Carrie Bradshaw, Paris is good enough for me.


Have you ever been to PARIS? Why do you love it? Is PARIS your DREAM city too????



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30 Reasons Why PARIS is my DREAM City

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