5 Best Meals to Have in Thailand

5 Best Meals to Have in Thailand


Thailand has some of the best food in the world. My mouth waters thinking about the epic meals I had on Khao San Road, street stalls in Chiang Mai and Pai, and endless beach stalls in the south. If you’re heading to Thailand I’m sure you’re looking forward to the authentic Thai food, it’s like no other on the planet. Want to know what you should eat? Here are the five best meals to have in Thailand.


5 Best Meals to Have in Thailand - Street Pad Thai on Khai San Road in Bangkok, Thailand

Street Pad Thai

Pad Thai is the quintessential Thai meal. Noodles, sauce, chicken, peanuts. All for only $1 US. You can’t get any more Thai than that. Pad Thai stalls are everywhere in Thailand but let me tell you where to get the best pad thai you will ever have: the street stalls on Khao San Road. Every few hundred feet you’ll find a woman whipping up noodle dishes. They’re all good and will all be just what you want to eat.

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5 Best Meals to Have in Thailand - Street Spring Rolls on Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand

Street Spring Rolls

Sometimes you’re not in the mood for noodles. It’s OK, I get it. The good news is those noodle ladies selling pad thai also sell spring rolls. So if you’re looking for something fried and greasy, the spring rolls on Khao San Road are one of the absolute best meals you can have in Thailand.


5 Best Meals to Have in Thailand - Ham and Cheese Toasties from 7-Eleven in Thailand

7-Eleven Toasties

When you’re drunk in Thailand in the middle of the night (or the middle of the day) 7-Eleven ham and cheese toasties are a godsend. You don’t even want to know how many meals I’ve made of these heavenly toaster sandwiches. The best part is that the workers will heat them up for you so you never have to worry about getting back to the hostel and finding out there’s no microwave.


5 Best Meals to Have in Thailand - Hamburgers


One of the best meals to have in Thailand is a good ole American burger. I probably eat 3 or 4 hamburgers a week when I’m traveling anywhere, especially in Thailand. There’s only so many noodles you can eat and hamburgers give you a great taste of home sweet home.


5 Best Meals to Have in Thailand - Chang Beer


If you’re on as strict of a backpacker budget as I am you’ve probably at some point had to make the hard choice of whether to eat or to drink because you can’t afford to do both. You are you kidding, it wasn’t a decision, you went with drinking. There were many days when I went on a liquid diet of beer for dinner for weeks in a row while in Thailand and they were some pretty epic meals.


What’s your favorite meal to have in Thailand?


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5 Best Meals to Have in Thailand

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