Angkor Wat? No – Angkor What Bar!

Angkor Wat? No - Angkor What Bar!


Siem Reap in Cambodia boasts one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions: Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is some giant complex of temples. Pretty boring if you ask me. Southeast Asia is crawling with temples. And once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

It’s one of those things you should do if you’re in the area though, I guess. You can get a one-, three-, or seven-day pass. Just get the one-day pass: I promise, after a few hours you’ll have seen enough.

There’s more to do in Siem Reap than just temples, and the best place for backpackers to be is Pub Street. Pub Street is the party hub of the town. There are lots of bars to choose from, but the most infamous is Angkor What? bar.

Said to be “promoting irresponsible drinking since 1998,” Angkor What bar is the place to spend your night in Siem Reap. I promise you, if you visit Angkor What? you’ll wake up too late and too hungover to ever enjoy the three-day pass or join any of those sunrise tourists. Angkor What? has everything you’ll be looking for in a bar when traveling: loud music, cheap alcohol, and other backpackers.

You’ll see backpackers all over Southeast Asia wearing a t-shirt from the bar, and you’ll definitely want one too. You could be lame and buy one over the counter. But why do that when you can get one for free? All you have to do is drink two buckets (buckets are literally plastic buckets filled with alcohol of your choice — a backpacker’s nightly drinking staple) and you’ll get one for free.

Trust me, you’ll drink it anyways, so get two, drink up, and show off where you’ve been for the rest of your ’round the world trip.


Have you been to Angkor What? bar in Siem Reap, Cambodia? Do you plan to go?


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Angkor Wat? No - Angkor What Bar!


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