Backpacker Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Flashpacker

Backpacker Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Flashpacker


Do you know someone who is traveling the world, but never seems to leave his or her laptop? Is the first question your friend asks when getting to a hostel, “What’s the wifi code?” Does your son or daughter pack more electronics than clothes when going on vacation? Then you have a flashpacker in your life.

What are the perfect gifts for the flashpacker? Read on for some of my suggestions in this holiday gift guide: flashpacker edition.


Christmas Gifts for the Flashpacker:


Start with a Bag.

Pacsafe Luggage Metrosafe 300 Gii Laptop Bag
The flashpacker’s prized possession is his laptop. So help him keep it safe while traveling with a Pacsafe laptop bag. Pacsafe bags have built-in anti-theft technology so that flashpacker can make sure his laptop is always safe: in the hostel, on that chicken bus, or in a dark deserted South American alley.


What’s in that bag?

Universal 4-Port USB AC Adapter Travel Wall Charger Kit
With so many electronics to charge, the flashpacker always needs extra adapters. A four-port USB charger is perfect for charging that iPhone, iPod, and iPad all at once. Bonus that this one comes with interchangeable outlet panels, so he or she is ready to charge everything, everywhere.


Something to wear.

AyeGear H13 MultiPocket Zip Up Hoodie with 13 Pockets
The flashpacker will carry a lot of technology. So much that he might not know what to do with it all. Make it easier with this fleece jacket filled with pockets made just for carrying that essential technology. Smartphone, tablet, e-reader: your giftee will never have to be more than an arm’s length from any of it after receiving this this Christmas.


Something to read.

Kindle e-books
It doesn’t matter what they are reading, all that matters is how. Paper books are so 2005 for the Flashpacker. They scoff at the leave a book take a book shelf at the hostel. Because who wants just one book when you can carry 1,000 in your pocket? The flashpacker is carrying an e-book reader, so whatever book you get them, make sure it’s virtual.


Splurge a little.

What backpacker (or human) doesn’t want a GoPro? It’s the ultimate travel accessory perfect for capturing the experience: from snorkeling to skiing to mountain biking. With a GoPro that flashpacker might even be tempted to leave the laptop for a bit since he can now geek out on technology on the go.


How about a trip?

Force that flashpacker to actually be social for once. Send him on a group tour with G Adventures! Pre-organized activities may be the only way to get him to leave his laptop and actually travel when traveling.


Something Fun!

Carbon Fiber Bluetooth Extended Selfie Stick
If there is one thing backpackers like: it’s selfies. How else will their friends back home be jealous of what they are up to? For better selfies, and another gadget in the flashpacker’s bag, a selfie stick is a must. Strap on that smartphone, extend, and snap away. You need that extra length to properly get that jealousy-inducing background in every shot.



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Backpacker Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Flashpacker

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