How to dress up as a backpacker for Halloween

How to dress up as a backpacker for Halloween


Still need a costume for Halloween? How about dressing up as a backpacker! The costume is simple, and if you’re already a seasoned traveler you most likely own ALL the components in your closet (or your backpack) to be a backpacker for Halloween. For extra authenticity don’t wear any makeup and go a few days without showering to get the oily hair and distinctive smell down. Then wear the following…

How to dress up as a BACKPACKER for HALLOWEEN

1. Chang Beer Singlet Tank Top
You’re not a backpacker if you’re wearing sleeves so a singlet/tank top is a must. You’re also not a backpacker without wearing a local beer. Chang is a good choice. Alternately a tubing short from Vang Vieng is also acceptable.

2. Elephant-print Harem Pants
All backpackers end up with a pair of harem-style pants in their bag. And most of them wear them every day. Bonus for the authentic-Thai elephant print.

3. Havaianas Flip-Flops
When you’re in a beach town you’ll find Havaianas flip flops in every souvenir shop and on every backpacker’s feet.

4. Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Backpackers love their Ray-Bans. Preferably knock offs bought on the cheap.

5. An arm full of friendship bracelets
You might start off backpacking with a naked arm but after some time on the road every backpacker has a sleeve full of friendship bracelets.

6. Giant backpack
Every backpacker needs a backpack. The bigger the bag, the better the costume.

7. Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a Shoestring Book
And, of course, you need a Lonely Planet Shoestring Guide in your hands at all times for an authentic backpacker costume.




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How to dress up as a backpacker for Halloween

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