Five Halloween Costumes for Broke Backpackers

Five Halloween Costumes for Broke Backpackers


Halloween in universal. They might not actually observe the holiday in every country, but you can always find someone, wherever you are, who wants to celebrate. If you’re traveling on October 31 you will definitely be able to find a backpacker bar or hostel that is hosting a Halloween Party. So don’t worry, you’ll be covered.

But what do you do about a costume?

It’s not like backpackers have room to spare in their backpack to lug around those cat ears or Ninja Turtle suit. And all backpackers are watching their wallet, so you probably won’t want to go out and buy something just to toss it out the next day.

Don’t fear, it is possible to dress up for Halloween while you’re backpacking the world. How? Here are five ideas for Halloween costumes for broke backpackers, using just things you can find in your backpack or around the hostel.


Ghost Halloween Costume for Backpackers


Being a ghost for Halloween is easy. All you need is a sheet. And all hostels have sheets. (Well, most of them do.) Just take the sheet from your dorm bed, cut out some holes for your eyes, and throw it over your head. Instant ghost costume. For a little more pop, use shaving cream on your face and hair to make them white as a ghost.


Greek God Toga Backpacker Halloween Costume

Greek God/Goddess

Another use for a hostel sheet: make a toga. Just pull that sheet from your bed, wrap it around you and you’re a Greek god or goddess. Grab some twigs from outside to tuck behind your ear for true authenticity.


Surfer Beach Guy Halloween Costume for Backpackers


Every backpacker has swim trunks or a bikini. So why not dress up for a day at the beach? Just throw on your swimsuit and some sunglasses you’re a beach guy or girl. Add a whistle and you’re a lifeguard. Add a surfboard and you’re a surfer. Simple as that.


Canadian Halloween Costume for Backpackers


Chances are, if you’re an American backpacker, you’ve already been pretending to be Canadian for a while now. You surely have the Canadian flag on your backpack and at least one hockey jersey so no one can mistake you. Put that to good use. Find a maple leaf, don your Canadian flag, and say eh and a-boot all night long.



This one is for the ladies. Girls, we all know it doesn’t matter what you say you’re dressed as for Halloween, as long as it’s sexy. So just go out in the skimpiest clothes you have (or just your underwear) and just tell us what you are. Put on some eyeliner whiskers and say you’re a sexy cat. Carry around that travel thermometer that’s at the bottom of your bag and say you’re a sexy nurse. Strap on your backpack and be a sexy backpacker. It doesn’t matter.


Have you ever traveled abroad during Halloween? What did you do for a costume?


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Five Halloween Costumes for Broke Backpackers

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