Five Phrases that Mean Nothing When Traveling the World

Five Phrases that Mean Nothing When Traveling the World


There are many differences between a “normal” life and a “travel” life. Some of those differences become obvious in every day speech. Sometimes I hear someone at school use a phrase and all I can think is, “that wouldn’t matter if I was on the road.” And sometimes when I’m abroad I hear someone use one of these phrases and all I can think is, “bullshit.”

What may be common or meaningful back home, has no business in your travel vocabulary. Here are five phrases that mean nothing when traveling the world:


1. I’m not drinking tonight.

It’s a proven fact that anyone who ever says, “I’m not drinking tonight,” will wake up the next morning with a monster hangover and no recollection of what lead them there. There’s nothing wrong with those results, but there is something wrong with kidding yourself. Every night is a drinking night when you’re traveling. No need to play it cool. It’s much easier to just grab a beer in the first place, you might not go so overboard later.



In a boring life where you’re stuck at a desk 9-5 or working 12 hour days, Friday is a godsend. “TGIF” — “Thank God it’s Friday” — is on the tip of everyone’s lips until they clock out for the weekend. The preceding work days? “Is it Friday yet?” is a common question. But when traveling, Friday is just another day. With no responsibilities and no schedule, travelers often lose track of days and, even if you know it’s a Friday, what does it matter? You’ve been chillin all week.


3. I have plans.

When traveling, there is no such thing as having plans. Or, at least, plans that can’t be broken. If something better comes along, go with it. Cancel your flight, miss your tour, ditch your girlfriend. Plans were meant to be broken and in traveling, they are not even meant to exist. Never ever give up an opportunity just because you already have something scheduled. You’ll regret it forever.


4. See you later.

You may have every good intention, but, “see you later,” never works out. Whether you and some new friends split up for dinner with the idea that you’ll meet up at some bar later on in the night or you’re saying goodbye to some new mate you met at a hostel thinking you’ll catch up again two countries over. You won’t. Travel friends are meant to be there for the moment and you’ll forget them as quickly as they’ll forget you. So don’t even bother with the “see you later”s.


5. I love you.

A girl travels to a far off land, she meets a foreign guy and she’s swept off her feet. After no time at all, he says, “I love you.” Bullshit. He obviously doesn’t mean it. He just one wants thing and wants it quick. It’s easy for girls to fall quickly when traveling, and easy for us guys to take advantage of it. So girls, he doesn’t mean it. And guys, just say it. It might get you laid.


Those are five of the phrases that mean nothing when you’re traveling around the world. Try to avoid saying them and, if you hear them, take it with a grain of salt.

Are there any phrases you would you add to this list?



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Five Phrases that Mean Nothing When Traveling the World

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One response to “Five Phrases that Mean Nothing When Traveling the World”

  1. A fun list. How about “I’ll do that next time I’m here.” No, you won’t. Unless you can jet off to Paris for the weekend like an A-lister, you only get one shot to climb the Eiffel Tower, see Machu Pichu, swim with the Dolphins or zip line in Costa Rica. Do it now!

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