Five Travel Packing Hacks for Bringing Everything You Need to Travel the World

Five Travel Packing Hacks for Bringing Everything You Need to Travel the World


When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. - Susan Heller

Yeah. Right.

Well I totally know I’m going to need way more money than I will ever have, but I can’t imagine bringing only half the clothes I think I need! I mean, you need clothes for daytime, clothes for night, clothes for bed, clothes for the beach, clothes for hiking, clothes for dressing up, and clothes for dressing down. Clothes, clothes, clothes.

But how am I ever going to fit everything I need for my ’round the world trip into a backpack? Well, I’ve been doing my research and I’ve come up with five foolproof travel packing hacks that will allow me to bring everything I need when I travel the world!


1. Roll Your Clothes.

Everyone knows that rolling your clothes takes up less room than folding them or scrunching them in a ball. Why? I totes have no idea! I mean, it’s the same amount of clothes! I don’t get it. But it works like magic. Roll your clothes and you will definitely save space when packing. At least enough to bring an extra dress or two along.


2. Pack stuff in your shoes.

You all know that I can’t get enough shoes! Shoes do take up a lot of space in your bag, but they are also totes brill for packing things. Stuff extra socks, scarves, underwear, whatever into the crevices and voila! — it’s an instant space saver!


3. Utilize your bag’s sleeping bag straps.

Most backpacker backpacks have straps on the bottom to hold a sleeping bag. You don’t need a sleeping bag though, so this is the perfect way to strap on an extra duffle bag. Fill the duffle bag with whatever you need, strap it on the bottom, and you instantly can pack so much more!


4. Use space saver compression bags.

Space-saving compression bags are a godsend for packing. These vacuum-seal bags are so great. All you do is put all your clothes into one of these plastic bags, roll out all the air and you instantly have twice the space! Twice! You can bring twice the amount of clothes by using these bags!


5. Buy a bigger backpack.

So what if you try all of these travel packing hacks and you still need more room? Buy a bigger backpack! This is the most essential tip I can give you. Travelers like to say that smaller is better but I can assure you, size matters, and bigger is most definitely better!


What do you think? What are your favorite travel packing packs to save space in your backpack when traveling around the world?


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Five Travel Packing Hacks for Bringing Everything You Need to Travel the World


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2 responses to “Five Travel Packing Hacks for Bringing Everything You Need to Travel the World”

  1. Go to an REI store and lug around a large backpack full of 50+ lb. and you might change your mind about bigger being better. I went with a carry on size backpack and when full it’s still heavier than I was anticipating!

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