Gifts for travelers going abroad for the first time.

Gifts for travelers going abroad for the first time. - Presents to buy for the first time traveler.


I am planning my very first trip abroad. So. Excited. But when you’re planning on leaving school, quitting your job, whatever, to travel, you need some stuff. Travel stuff. Travel stuff that people who have never traveled before (hello ME!) probably doesn’t have. Luckily, there are always occasions to get presents, like for Christmas or my birthday or graduation. In the past I’ve asked for clothes or makeup or iPhones but this year I’m totes asking for travel stuff too. I’ve put together a wish list of totes essential items and gifts for travelers going abroad for the first time. These are the essentials that any traveler needs and are perfect for my wish list and theirs.

Do you know someone who is planning on traveling the world soon? Someone who just got their first passport or booked their first trip abroad? Do you need to know what to gift a friend who is going abroad? Read on because these gifts for someone traveling abroad will make the perfect present.

Gifts for travelers going abroad for the first time. - What to buy for a first time traveler.

Gifts for travelers going abroad for the first time:

Osprey Escapist 25 Daypacks
Everyone knows a backpacker needs a backpack. But do you know they also need a daypack? Daypacks are essential gifts for first time international travelers because these are used when you want to keep your big pack in the hostel and need something smaller for the day, when you’re taking a weekend excursion, and to hold all the overflow stuff that won’t fit into your main backpack.

Travel Journal
Travel journals make the best gifts for someone who is traveling abroad. They’ll definitely want to record all their thoughts and keep track of what they did day to day as they travel the world.

Packing Cubes
Every traveler needs packing cubes but not every traveler knows they need them. Packing cubes help keep everything together in the backpacker’s backpack. How sweet is that? It’s a great thoughtful gift any backpacker or travel should be thankful for and a great gift for friend going abroad for the first time.

Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a Shoestring
Lonely Planet Central America on a Shoestring
Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring

When in doubt — get a guidebook! Guidebooks make great gifts to give someone going on a trip because they can use them to plan their next trip and get inspired or use them on the road to hind hotels, restaurants, and stuff to do. For a safe bet always go with Lonely Planet Guidebooks — the backpackers bible!

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag
Theft proof purses make great gifts for female travelers. Every girl traveling needs a purse and every girl traveling is afraid of getting robbed. Theft proof purses make it so much harder for someone to steal her stuff! Give her some peace of mind (and for all you moms out there, you can give yourself some peace of mind that your daughter is that much safer too!)

Mirrorless Camera
Sure, everyone can take photos on their iPhone. But if you know a traveler who wants to take better photos or has a blog and needs good photos for that, a mirrorless camera is a great gift. Mirrorless cameras are lighter than DSLR cameras but take photos that are just as good. And they are way better than phone photos.

Portable External Hard Drive
A backup system is essential for travelers. No only do you need extra space for all the photos they’ll be taking, but travelers always should have all their stuff in two places just in case something gets stolen from their hostel. An external hard drive is the perfect gift for a newbie traveler because it’s something they might neglect to buy for themselves.

Selfie Stick
Just because someone is traveling alone doesn’t mean they should go without kick ass photos of his or herself. I mean, you have to make all your friends totes jelly on insta. Selfie sticks are great gifts for someone going abroad – give them the power to take selfies for themself!

TSA Accepted Luggage Cable Lock
If you’re looking for easy and cheap gifts for friends travelling abroad and just need something small, consider a TSA approved lock. Every traveler needs at least one for locking their backpack on planes or in their hostels!

Osprey Women’s Aura 65 AG Backpacks
Osprey Men’s Atmos 50 AG Backpacks
And, of course, the best gift for a friend going abroad for the first time is a BACKPACK! Every backpacker needs a backpack. Get a nice, big sturdy one, (and one in their favorite color) because this is what the traveler lives out of!


I hope you were inspired to find the perfect gift for that first time traveler you know. And, hint hint mom and dad — any of these would make perfect gifts for ME!

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