Where & how to have sex in a hostel.


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You know it’s going to come up. You meet a hot Swedish chick on a gap year. You hit it off, have a few buckets, and she’s ready to go. The only problem is that you’re both staying in a hostel, and hostels aren’t exactly known for their privacy. Plus, most hostels prohibit sex on the premises (what’s with that?). Hostel rules aside, backpacking hookups are bound to happen. So where do you go when you’re ready to get down in a shared dorm room? Here are your best bets when you’re trying to figure out how to have sex in a hostel.


Where & how to have sex in a hostel:

Get a private hostel room.

Let’s face it: some girls just aren’t about having sex in public, ie, a 12-bed mixed dorm room. Chances are you’re not staying in a private room (who can afford that anyways?) but if you are, perfect. You can take her right in and get to it. If she’s worth the splurge, you can always check if there are any privates available at the hostel. (Chances are the girl will be so embarrassed to sit there while you loudly ask the front desk if you can swing a private room at 2am that she’ll just agree to go back to your dorm anyways. Win. Win.


How to have sex in a hostel. Hostel dorm room - - a great place to have a hostel hookup.

Go back to your dorm room.

Yes, you can have sex in your hostel dorm room. A few fellow backpackers might pretend that they are pissed off, but they’re secretly enjoying it. Who cares about them anyways? All that matters is that you’re getting laid. No matter what others say, having sex in dorm room is totally OK.


Go to the bathroom.

The bathroom is a great place for a hostel hookup. You can lock yourself up in a toilet stall or the shower and get down. Plus there’s always water and soap to clean up after you’re done.


Use the hostel common room.

Chances are your hostel has some kind of common room — be it a chill space with beanbags and hammocks or a TV room with a couch. Go there. It’s the perfect place for hostel hookups. Sure, someone might walk in. But who cares? It’s probably more comfortable that the concrete shower.


Stay in the Lobby.

Want to live on the edge? Go at it right in the hostel lobby. You’ve probably had too many Changs to care and she’s probably to the point of passed out if she’s sleeping with you anyways. So just do it. After all, having sex in hostels is pretty public anyways. Why not make it as public as possible?


Utilize the kitchen.

The kitchen is another great place to have sex in a hostel. Who is making toast at 3 in the morning? You should have it to yourselves. Just watch out for rouge knives and hot stoves.


Hostel Luggage room - a great place to have sex

Lock yourself in the luggage room.

Lock yourself in the luggage room and you’re sure to have some fun. Spread out someone’s clothes for a bit of cushioning and use them to wipe up at the end. Just avoid having sex in the hostel luggage room during peak check in and check out times.


How to have sex in a hostel. Hostel laundry room - a great place to have sex

Find the laundry room.

Who does laundry in the middle of the night? No one. So claim the laundry room for you and your sweetheart and turn on the spin cycle for a little extra vibration.


Hooking up while backpacking is inevitable. Every backpacker does it at some point of his or her ’round the world trip. Do people have sex in hostels? Hell yes. Can you have sex in a hostel? Hell yes. Should you have sex in a hostel? HELL. YES.

Having sex in a hostel is just a normal part of backpacking, just be sure to find the right spot for you, whether it’s a private room, the luggage room, or a good old-fashioned dorm room bunk bed.

Have you had sex in a hostel? Where did you go?



p.s. Don’t forget the condoms.


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Where and how to have sex in a hostel - the best places for backpacker hookups when staying in a hostel.

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2 responses to “Where & how to have sex in a hostel.”

  1. I’ve got it on mostly in the private common bathrooms of hostels. They’re spaces that you can easy lock, control, and no one else will enter because they respect your privacy. Also you can run the shower water a lot of times to disguise sounds. I’ve shagged several times in them in various hostels.

    Also, I’ve had quickies or oral sessions in a hostel kitchen mid-day; a few times in the hostel dorm room in my bunk, in another’s bunk, standing up, even hooked up twice in one night with two separate roomies, which was legendary.

    Luggage rooms and hallways tend not to work because of surveillance cameras.

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