Why I hope to fall in love on my ’round the world trip.

Why I hope to fall in love on my 'round the world trip.


Every girl hopes to fall in love some day. And every female traveler hopes to fall in love while traveling. It’s the dreamiest, most romantic thing I can think of to fall in love while in a foreign country. Maybe I’ll meet a hot Italian man in Italy who sweeps me off my feet, shares espressos and bowls of pasta with me, takes me to the Colosseum on his vespa, and then buys me a villa in the countryside. Or maybe I’ll meet a bohemian Frenchman in Paris who will read me his poetry and propose on top of the Eiffel Tower. Or maybe I’ll meet a ripped Australian surfer who will take me to all the best beaches in the world.

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I have so fantasies for when I finally take off to travel the world of meeting the man of my dreams. While I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why, here are the reasons why I hope to fall in love on my ’round the world trip.


French Kiss

If I met another traveler, we could travel together

Having a friend like Zach to travel with is great. But he’s not going to want to travel with me forever. Some day he’s going to want to do something crazy like travel to India or he’ll get a girlfriend of his own and want to travel with her instead. If that happens I’ll probably have to go home or be forced to travel by myself. If I got a traveling boyfriend, I’d never have to worry about being alone! And I’d never have to plan a trip by myself! A traveling boyfriend who could take me around the world and plan everything would be AMAZING!


French Kiss

I might get to move somewhere exotic

If I fell in love with a man from a foreign country, I might get to move to that country! Imagine if I met an Italian man or a French man! My life would be AMAZING to be able to move there to be with him! Or I might meet a British boy with an adorable accent and get to move to London! The possibilities are endless!


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I’d get to stay in hotels.

When you’re backpacking by yourself or with a friend it totally makes sense to have to stay in hostels, I guess. It’s cheaper to stay in dorms and much more social than being in a place by yourself. But if you were traveling in a relationship, you wouldn’t want to stay in a dorm, you’d want your privacy. So instead of staying in grody hostel rooms with tons of people, I could stay in a private room or a hotel room or an AirBNB with one person who I LOVE. It would be so much nicer.


French Kiss

It would be so romantic!

Europe is so much more romantic than America. It has so much history, so many beautiful old fashioned locations, and so many gorgeous men with gorgeous accents. Here a man might take me to dinner and a movie and think it’s romantic. In Europe a man could take me on a gondola ride or to a million year old castle or to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Sigh, it would be such a DREAM!


Have you fallen in love while traveling the world?


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Why I hope to fall in love on my 'round the world trip. | Why I hope to fall in love traveling.

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