Travel is a Competition. How to win it.

Travel is a Competition. How to win it.


Let’s face it: travel is a competition. The number of countries you’ve traveled to matters. The longest bus ride you’ve taken matters. The less you paid on accommodation matters.

It’s what separates the real backpackers from the wannabes.

Been to ten countries? OK.

Been to 30? Great.

Been to 60? Even better.

Travel is a competition. And the person who has traveled the longest, traveled to the most places, and traveled the cheapest always wins.

Think about it. You’re in the hostel bar shooting the shit with some new mates and the conversation always leans towards where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how long you’re traveling for. Sure there are those vacationers on two-week holidays and those wannabes on three month trips. But once you say you’ve been traveling for over a year, you’re the one everyone is in awe of. You want to be that guy.

Want to win the travel competition?


Travel Longer

The longer you travel, the better. As I’ve said before, long-term travel is the only way to travel. Vacations just don’t cut it. Who cares if you’re in Argentina for a week? Try traveling in South America for a year.


Travel to More Places

The more countries you’ve been to, the better. You want your list to be bigger than everyone else’s. Don’t just settle on one region. Having been to Europe is great, but you want to have done Europe, South America, Asia, all of them. Even better if you’ve done all seven continents.


Travel Cheaper than Everyone Else

Oh, you found a $5 hostel that was in your guidebook? Good for you. There’s a $3 one next door. Oh you paid $1 for your meal at the market? I bargained it down to 75 cents. There is always a way to travel for cheaper. Find that way.


Have Better Stories

Make sure you have wild stories to tell. Like that time you hitchhiked across China. Or when you went skinny dipping on Haad Rin with that group of Swedish girls on Summer holiday. Or that time you were held at gunpoint in an African jungle. Gunpoint stories always win.


Have you traveled longer, further, cheaper, and crazier than everyone else?


How are you winning the travel competition?


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Travel is a Competition. How to win it.


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