Top Five Destinations for Backpackers This Year

Top Five Destinations for Backpackers in 2015


After much waiting, this will be the year that Amy and I strap on our backpacks and take off to see the world.

With the New Year comes a slew of new top destinations list blog posts predicting where people will be traveling (or should be traveling) in the next 12 months. And we are no exception.

Where will all the backpackers be traveling this year? Where should they be traveling? Let me tell you.

As an expert backpacker who has seen it all, I’ve scoured the globe and can tell you for a fact that these will be the hottest five destinations in the world for backpackers this year:


5: Bali

Bali will be big for backpackers this year. It has it all: great surf, hot surfer babes, and cool surfer bars. It’s the perfect place for experts to catch some awesome waves and novices to ride for the first time. You may never want to leave the Kuta Beach, but make sure to pull yourself away for a few days of relaxation, reggae bars, pristine water, diving, and snorkeling on neighboring Gili Trawangan. Bali will be bigthis year.


4: Cambodia

Cambodia is a must-see for backpackers traveling this year. Definitely take a day in Siem Reap and check out Angkor Wat (and the infamous Angkor What) and definitely take a day to see the killing fields in Phnom Penh. But get down to the beaches as soon as you can. This year, get lost in Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s best beach, and best place to party. Spend your nights chugging buckets on Serendipity beach. And spend your days relaxing off a hangover with a beach-side barbecue and dirt-cheap pedicure.


3: Vietnam

Be sure to add Vietnam to your travel itinerary. As one of the cheapest destinations in Southeast Asia, spending time in Vietnam can stretch your travel dollar. Don’t watch your pennies too closely though, because there are plenty of places to splurge. Get yourself a whole new wardrobe made by custom tailors in Hoi An: you can even get a bright purple suit, ruffles and all, for next to nothing, a perfect novelty for any night out at a backpacker bar. And definitely check out Halong Bay. We recommend doing it with a grand booze cruise from Vietnam Backpackers Hostels, because you won’t want to get stuck with a bunch of old people.


2: Laos

Laos has lost some of it’s mojo since the demise of Vang Vieng. But it’s still a must-stop for backpackers. Laos provides a perfect pit stop to break up your bus ride from Vietnam to Thailand. It also will be the perfect destination to do a border run from Thailand. So don’t count out Laos this year.


1: Thailand

Thailand will be a hot destination for all backpackers this year. Thailand has everything a backpacker dreams of. In the south, there are luscious beaches for suntanning by day and partying by night. Ko Phi-Phi and Koh Phangan are the perfect places for a backpacker to chill. In the north, Chiang Mai will continue to be the most popular home base for digital nomads, bloggers, and any other broke backpacker. Pai, that hippie hangout full of bars, hammocks, and drug dealers, is a great place to chill. And you can’t forget Bangkok, a wild night (or 12) on Khao San Road will be a must for all backpackers backpacking around the world this year.


These are our predictions for the hottest places for backpackers to travel this year. What do you think?

Do you plan on traveling to any of these top five destinations for backpackers this year?


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Top Five Destinations for Backpackers in 2015

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  1. I don’t get why you’ve picked Bali ( an island in Indonesia) to add to your list of countries!!in addition gili t is a neighbour of Lombok not Bali…

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