My Dream ‘Round the World Itinerary

My Dream 'Round the World Itinerary


Zach and I are going to travel the world for a whole year: that’s about a whole year longer than I’ve ever traveled anywhere before! Since I’ve never even left America I plan to cram as many countries as possible into that year. My ’round the world itinerary is going to be jam-packed with exciting places!

I’ve always wanted to soak in the culture of Europe! I can’t wait to eat authentic pad thai in actual Thailand! Australia with its beaches, kangaroos, and surfer boys with cute accents is calling my name! And, while South America sounds really dangerous, Zach thinks I’ll love it there!

I want to go EVERYWHERE when I finally take the leap and board my first international flight!

It was hard to narrow down, but I made a list of all the places I want to visit on my my dream travel around the world trip!


Round the World Itinerary for Backpacking Through Europe

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Europe. Europe has castles, so much culture, and rich delicious food. To eat pasta in Italy and take a gondola ride down a canal! To see a castle in Germany followed by liters of beer! To go to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and eat croissants and drink wine! Europe just sounds magical! Zach tells me that there’s some “schengen zone” that means you can only travel in Europe for three months. THREE MONTHS? That’s all? If I could I would spend my WHOLE LIFE in Europe! The United Kingdom doesn’t count as part of that visa, so when I travel around the world I would want to start with Ireland and England. Then we could maybe spend FOUR MONTHS or more in Europe! I want to start there anyways because they speak English so it would be easier to get around. Plus their accents are totes adorbs, amiright?

It was hard to narrow down, but here are the top countries I want to visit when we backpack Europe:



Round the World Itinerary for Backpacking Through Asia

Beaches! Parties! Asia is going to be so. much. fun. Zach tells me that beer in Asia is cheap. Food is cheap. And that there is always. a. party. There’s even this thing called a “Full Moon Party” once a month where backpackers like us take over a beach and drink BUCKETS FULL OF ALCOHOL all night long. Buckets! That sounds better than a frat party! While in Asia I’m going to tan on the beach by day and party on the beach by night. O-M-G I can’t wait!

Here are some of the countries I hope to do in Asia:



Round the World Itinerary for Backpacking Around Australia

In Australia I want to see kangaroos! No, I don’t want to just see kangaroos, I want to hug a kangaroo and have it carry me around in its pocket. I want to eat some “shrimp on the barbie,” drink Fosters all day, and get surfing lessons from a tanned hottie at the beach.

This is where I want to go in Australia (I’m positive there’s more, where else is there to go?):

The Outback


Round the World Itinerary for Backpacking Around South America

I don’t know much about South America other than it’s really dangerous and there are a lot of drug cartels. But there are also lots of beaches and Mexican food — that’s pretty cool. I’m too scared to travel to South America because of the aforementioned drug cartels and because I don’t speak Spanish but Zach has traveled all over there before and he is still alive.

These are the countries I want to visit in South America:

Costa Rica
The Bahamas


It is my dream to travel around the world and this itinerary woulf pack everything I want to see into an epic year traveling abroad!

What do you think of my dream ’round the world itinerary? Have you been to any of these countries? Are there any countries I should add?


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My Dream 'Round the World Itinerary

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One response to “My Dream ‘Round the World Itinerary”

  1. I have been to Greece and Italy. If theres one piece of advice I could give you for Italy, go to the outerskirts of big cities to eat food or stay away from big cities if you can. I know Rome is a must-see, but the food in the middle of the city is expensive and not that great. It’ll be a disappointment. As for Greece, no complaints. Just enjoy yourself.

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